No program I have ever attended has captured the essence of what really takes place in a sales campaign like STRATEGY. It is the best training program I have seen in my 15 years of selling. - (J.H., Chicago)

This is tough to admit, but the STRATEGY program showed me how I was about to lose the biggest deal in my pipeline. My team and I then turned it into a win by using the program concepts. - (R.F., San Jose)

Art Jacobs’ background, examples, and stories made the class come alive; he doesn’t just present the material, he’s lived it. I learned so much. - (G.R., Atlanta)

How can an American teach a Chinese manager about the philosophy of Sun Tzu and strategy? Mr. Jacobs is one of the world’s experts. His understanding of the issues in Asia impressed everyone. - (J.W., Shanghai)


Valkyrie Consulting Group, LLC is a worldwide training and consulting company dedicated to implementing advanced sales and sales management training programs for companies who are engaged in sophisticated and or challenging sales campaigns.


Our consultants are not home office staff trainers or facilitators. Every consultant that we put in front of our clients has over twenty years of field sales, sales management, and executive experience, during which they consistently exceeded quotas or surpassed their P & L business targets.

Our consultants have trained thousands of sales professionals in the world’s top companies. Those companies were looking for not just state-of-the-art best practices, but sales and sales management training that was pragmatic, street-smart, could be easily implemented, and resulted, most importantly, in a measurable, repeatable process that really got adopted.