Valkyrie Consulting Group, LLC

Our market is advanced sales and sales management training for the high-tech arena. Our focus is on creating measurable results with regard to forecast accuracy and close rates, i.e., tangible outcomes.

Our training programs and workshops are designed around developing strategic versus tactical skills (traction, not just RPM). Participants leave with incisive opportunity plans that revolve around "actionable intelligence" versus just gathering more "profile information" on the opportunity or client - bottom line results, not just activity.

Our Vision

The best companies today are looking for individuals who embrace skill development as a joint responsibility - both the company's, and theirs.

Our Goal

To be viewed as a premier provider of results-oriented advanced sales and sales management training programs for high-tech firms.

Our Mission

To make a lasting contribution to the industry by enhancing the personal and business credentials of those involved in the sales profession.

If the sales campaigns your field personnel are engaged in are sophisticated, highly competitive, politically-charged, and involve significant, high-visibility deals that will result in advancing the business objectives of your clients, you should consider our programs.

No Cost Survey

We would be happy to send you a self-assessment worksheet so that you can determine whether or not we are the right fit for your organization.

Our Promise

The programs and workshops use our clients' sales campaigns as the foundation and medium for the training. Participants leave with a thoroughly documented and tested plan detailing the specific tactics directed at a successful close. Valkyrie retains copies of those plans and then works together with the salesperson, sales team, and sales management to provide timely advice to close the deal. We are measured by those results. We expect to be held accountable.

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