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Client Testimonials


Customer Testimonials

The following sampling of testimonials were taken from program evaluations or were solicited during after-action report meetings designed to measure the quantifiable impact of the Valkyrie programs in the field. We would be pleased to have you speak directly with our customers and have them tell you about the sales and sales management challenges they faced, and the specific results they achieved.

N.M., Area Director, Philadelphia, PA.

You were right, it wasn't four days out of the field - it was four straight days dedicated to analyzing, testing, and improving the most important opportunites in our pipeline. There is no comparison between that value, and the four days of unproductive tactics we probably would have used had we not attended. Art, thanks for turning my head completely around.

H.K., Senior Account Manager, Munich, Germany.

We were a very skeptical group about the training, thinking we were already experienced and successful. Mr. Jacobs very quickly showed us not just where we were vulnerable in our campaigns, but how to be more strategic in the eyes of our customers. I am very glad I attended.

D.G., V.P. of Sales, Hartford, CT.

The STRATEGY program was instrumental in showing us how to increase our forecast accuracy. You caused us to focus and concentrate our resources on the deals we had to win. And now, our close rate has significantly improved. Thank you for making us better!

D.B., Senior Account Executive, Sydney, Australia.

I always thought I was good at selling. However, taking your program has taught me what really goes on underneath the surface; the underlying process. You can work all the tactics you want to in a campaign, but if you don't know the strategic foundation, the common denominator to every sale, you just have to hope the other guy screws up. With STRATEGY, now I know why I am winning and how to control what happens.

J.P., CEO, Pittsburgh, PA.

Your programs have had the impact we wanted on the field sales reps - they are thinking and acting smarter. More critically, you have shown us what we needed to change and prioritize in our sales management ranks. That impact has been immeasurable. Thank you.

B.K., Western Region Account Executive, San Diego, CA.

I have always prided myself on my numbers; making quota - but I usually paid the price with all the extra hours I had to put in. Your program now has me on a different plateau. I see the strategies we need to use, not just sooner, but more clearly. I am not only winning more, but with fewer (and better) tactics, and, at a lower cost of sales.

S.T., Senior Account Manager, Minneapolis, MN.

The intensity of the STRATEGY program was only matched by the incisive real-life examples you used to illustrate the concepts and principles. I actually tried to get out of attending the session - that would have been a big mistake, and my profound loss."

S.N., Sales Director, EMEA, Paris, France.

I really didn't think you could do it. There were 24 people from 8 countries in the MANAGEMENT program. You made every sales manager I spoke to feel like the principles applied specifically to not just their culture, but to their current challenges. I will run the remainder of my managers through the program ahead of the original schedule."

W.W., Marketing Manager, Singapore.

Thank you for taking the time off-line to help me with the marketing plan for the new product roll-out. We were about to unwittingly commit a multitude of costly errors had you not shown me how we can adapt the BATTLEPLAN to what we also do internally. I'm a convert: Being "strategic" and "politically aligned" on a campaign is just as important inside the company as any campaign the salespeople run outside!

P.R., Vice President of Sales, Chicago, IL.

What can I say? The average deal size has gone up 17%, our forecast accuracy now allows me to plan better, sales cycles are shorter, sales expense is down 11%, margins are up 6%, and the salespeople now believe they can win. You guys just didn't just deliver on your promise, you amazed us!

J.N., Sales Representative, Charlotte, NC.

The best sales training program I have attended in my twenty years in the business. Even though you directed your questions to the group, they made me very uncomfortable at first. I quickly realized you were making us think outside-the-box and showing us how to make ourselves better. Sometimes the medicine best for you isn't the most pleasant-tasting. You really did a great job - tens across the board!"

K.L., Director of PRC Major Accounts, Hong Kong.

STRATEGY was great. Not only are we now using what I think is a best-practice methodology in all our regions, but everyone is using the same powerful language. We are doing well, but more importantly, we now know why! Thank you for a superb effort.

D.S., V.P. of Sales Operations, Denver, CO.

You convinced me to commit to running the EXECUTION follow-up days to not just reinforce, but to measure the results of the STRATEGY program. Seven out of my ten managers have told me that deals were closed as a direct result of the days you visited those offices. Thanks for being not just good at selling, but for practicing what you preach.

L.C., Major Accounts Manager, Stuttgart, Germany.

Art Jacobs was the person who really made the STRATEGY program so effective and interesting. He not only knows how to bring difficult concepts to life, but his knowledge of the European culture and current events gave him immense credibility with a very tough crowd.

G.W., Vice President of Learning & Development, Boston, MA.

Some of your classroom techniques might not exactly fit with what us fancy home office folks think is proper. But, bottom line, you got through to our field guys like no one on my training staff ever has. More importantly, they swear by and actually use the concepts you taught! The sales managers were thanking me for bringing you in. All I can say is thank you for the fabulous win-win.

R.K., Business Development Manager, New Delhi, India.

Professionalism: I will tell everyone back in the office that in addition to all the valuable and helpful concepts and techniques I learned during the EXECUTIVE program, that I clearly saw in your attitude and behavior how I can become not just a better salesperson, but a better business person.